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27 Nov


This is my second cousin, Kathy. She grew up in Colorado but came to Texas on many holidays to visit her grandmother and other relatives. I always liked it when she came to town because we were close to the same age and played well together. I have vivid memories of playing in her grandmother’s backyard and always laughing with her. As we grew older we got busy with life, and the older relatives all passed away so we drifted apart. But several years ago we reconnected on Facebook. We had not talked in years but quickly rekindled the bond we shared from childhood. Whatever drew us together as children was still there. It’s funny because as kids we loved playing games together (her grandmother had a closet full of them), and after we reconnected we started playing Words With Friends and Draw Something from our iPhones. The last Draw Something game we played was number 694. That’s 694 consecutive rounds! I don’t think we made it that far because we can draw..I think we made it that far because we are so much alike. We knew what those stick figures were doing. But we had some great laughs over our drawings.
Tonight I am remembering my sweet cousin who went to be with Lord today. I know she touched many lives in many ways but for me, she seemed to appear for the sole purpose of making me have fun and laugh. I will miss her but can hardly wait for the next time we reconnect.